Holistic Healthcare Versus Common Western Medication

The Western drug group recently raised the concern: Will Alternative Healthcare, also known as. The Western Medication (WM), Holistic, Metaphysical, Powerful, Head and Spirit Therapeutic merged? This issue shows that there are reasons to be surprised, and/or to consider the possible benefits of a merger. An analogy to comparing apples to oranges is the merging of Holistic, Metaphysical and Electrical power or Thoughts. There is only one comparison between apples, oranges: they are all fruits. But the comparison ends there. Western Medication and Holistic, Metaphysical Energy, Mind, Body, Spirit healing, and Holistic, Metaphysical are diametrically opposites. They have nothing in common, except the subject (you). I’ll demonstrate. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, click for more

You can understand the ideology of Western Medicine by looking at the language used in medical research and practitioners. Their alternative text shows their beliefs devices and the types of language they use to understand how therapeutic functions. A paradox is revealed when one examines the effects of OTC and prescribed drugs on Western Medicine. According to drug companies, prescription drugs and OTC can work miracles for people. They claim they can lower cholesterol, reverse osteoporosis and treat MS.

Why aren’t OTC and prescription medications so much better for people? Truth is that there aren’t. It is not possible to have a clean slate of health by taking 12 prescriptions and OTC medicines. The reality is that the more prescriptions one takes, the more serious it is for their overall health. If you ask the best people in your life to tell you what OTC and prescription medications they take, you will be surprised to learn that healthy people don’t use prescriptions!

This type of language is common among Western Medicine researchers. They see the human body as a battlefield where wars can be waged against invaders such as viruses, bacterial bacterial infection and tumors. The Victorian period was the beginning of modern Western society. It has become dependent on quick fixes and results with little work. In some cases, Western Medicine has provided this result. The answer to Western Medication’s inability to provide a quick fix is “Sorry”: the surgery was successful and the person who died. It’s interesting to observe that the AMA experiences a very low achievement rate. Each year, approximately 250,000 people are killed by misdiagnosis and/or treatment that does not improve their well-being. This means that these people died from the wrong treatment and didn’t get sick.

Western Medicine’s theories and doctrines fail to recognize the fact that diseases are often not distinct in a person. Each individual disease is often more properly described as an expression or belief system of your patient. A majority of cancers won’t be considered tumors. For example, it is a systemic condition which can only be treated with assistance to the body and not chemical bombs and knives. The tumor is just one manifestation of the systemic dysfunction. It can be removed easily, but it does not treat the illness. Your body has the ability to heal itself, provided it receives the proper care, including nutrition, organic dietary supplementation, and spiritual and mental well-being.

The body can heal itself if it has the right assistance. TCM, or conventional Chinese medicine, relies on the concept of balanced qi. This is believed to be an important strength that moves through the entire body. Qi is thought to control the non secular, psychological and mental equilibrium of an individual and to be influenced both by the opposing energies of yin, (negative energy), and yang, (positive vitality). Sickness could be the result of the current movement of Qi being disturbed and yin/yang becoming imbalanced. TCM can be described as herbal and dietary treatment, restorative body exercises, meditation and acupuncture.

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